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Compost, Mulch & Tilth

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  About Compost, Mulch & Tilth
The physical condition of a soil can be defined as soil tilth; that is the bulk density, porosity, structure, and aggregate characteristics as they relate to water movement, nutrient retention, and stimulation of microbial and microfauna populations.
  The Lattice Stinkhorn, It’s Slimy and It’s Smelly
Now that you are mulching your garden regularly with chipped tree trimmings from your favorite tree service, you feel good at the fact that all of that mulch is being kept out of the landfill and being put to good use by recycling it into nutrients for your plants.
  Relocating A Theme Park With A Compost Foundation
Florida theme park produces own compost for container mixes and topdressing, and most recently, in the transformation of a barren island into a new location.
  How the use of Compost and Mulch has been an Important Component of a Successful Integrated Pest Management Program
Over the past decade I have developed an Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM) at Parrot Jungle and Gardens (PJG) that has enabled the 14 acre park to eliminate it's dependence upon restricted pesticides, fungicides, and nematicides.
  Composting at Parrot Jungle and Gardens
For the last five years we have been licensed by the Department of Environmental Regulation Management (DERM) to run a minimum technology composting operation at Parrot Jungle and Gardens.



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