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  About Tropical Plants
As you browse this website you will notice that there is one common thread throughout, and that is plants from the tropics. Whether it is a photo of a plant in situ or an article about Integrated Pest Management for growing tropical plants in theme parks or gardens, I have attempted to provide a source of information on tropical plant horticulture based upon my experience as a professional horticulturist.
  Giving your Garden the Tropical Look with Epiphytes
The lushness of a tropical garden can be greatly enhanced through the use of epiphytes. These nonparasitic tree-dwelling species are members of many different plant families and can be found flourishing under most climatic situations.
  Exotic Plants for Butterfly Gardens
This is a short list of tropical plants that attract native Florida butterflies either for nectar or as a larval food plant. It is by no means exhaustive.
  Canna Lilies for South Florida
Not many plant families can boast year round color like the Canna Lily. These relatives of the Heliconias, Bananas, and Birds of Paradise are easily grown in South Florida.



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