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  About Hurricane & Typhoon Tree Recovery
The lush tropical tree canopies that shade our homes, parks, and cities are often taken for granted. While trees always seem to grow slowly when first planted, eventually they become large mature specimens usually much appreciated for the shade they provide and the verdant foliage and/or fruit they produce.
  Ficus Species & Hurricane Horticulture
Ficus trees are among the most distinctive trees in tropical and subtropical urban landscapes. These trees can reach stately proportions with immense canopies and very tropical-looking aerial roots that in time can form large trunks.
  Hurricane Tree and Palm Restoration
The aftermath of a Hurricane always seems like a total disaster. Damaged buildings, property, and landscape usually appear to be ready for the bulldozer and giant tub grinder.
  Saving Large Fallen Trees after Hurricane Andrew
Hurricane Andrew was a devastating storm that passed over South Florida on August 24, 1992. Parrot Jungle and Gardens had an effective hurricane plan and did not lose a single animal to the 160 mph winds.



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